Silver Firs


Fallen limbs, gray skies, hushed whispers, silent houses. A dance for the winds left behind.

Goody Hallett Dance

Goody Hallet Dance from zena bibler on Vimeo.
Maria Hallett was a pirate's girlfriend. Her parents wouldn't let her marry Black Sam Bellamy because he had no money. He became a famous pirate, collected a ship full of gold, and sailed back to her hometown in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. On April 17th, The Whydah struck one of Wellfleet's famous sandbars and sunk, killing most of the crew. Legend has it that Hallett used to visit the shore every night watching for Black Sam’s return. Some say she actually witnessed the famous Whydah shipwreck, and cried out as her true love drowned; others say she spent her later days as a witch, condemning ships that passed through her harbor.

Filmed and danced near Uncle Tim's Bridge in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.

Little Dances @ La MaMa

Hi friends,

DUNE DANCE will be at La MaMa as part of the La MaMa Moves Festival.
See you around...

La MaMa Moves Dance Festival
Culturehub presents Mediated Motion 
Curated by Billy Clark and Lindsey Medeiros
Opening May 24th 7 PM - 9 PM / 25th - 28th 1PM - 6PM
La MaMa Galleria / 6 East 1st St NYC

let's dance - Response to Letter #2

Made in Response to Letter #2 by the Movement Party. (By ZB)

Response to Letter #2 - L

Made in Response to Letter #2 by the Movement Party. (By LLB and ZRB)

Response to Letter #2 - Z

Made in Response to Letter #2 by the Movement Party. You are encouraged to make your own.

Cover #1: These Arms of Mine

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